Detection of Birds by Radar


IN view of Lack and Varley's recent letter on this subject1, it may be of interest to quote some passages from a German document prepared this year. Under the heading "Spurious Echoes" (Scheinziele), it is stated that under special weather conditions up to 120 spurious echoes may be observed in an hour. Spurious targets occur especially near the mouths of rivers. Water temperatures which are higher than the temperature of the air seem to favour their appearance. There seems to be a definite connexion between wind direction and the direction of movement of the spurious echoes. Velocities up to 600 km./hr. The ratio of amplitudes between horizontal and vertical polarization is 3:1."


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    Nature, 156, 446 (1945).

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MCKAY, H. Detection of Birds by Radar. Nature 156, 629 (1945).

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