Chemical Composition of Marine Organisms


THE data on the chemical composition of marine organisms are widely scattered; hence Prof. A. P. Vinogradov's paper on "La composition chimique élémentaire des organismes marine" (Trav. Lab. Biogéochimigue, Acad,. Sci. URSS., Pt. 1, 1937, Pt. 2, 1941, Pt. 3, 1944) is a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the elemental chemical composition of marine plants and animals; it is in Russian. Essentially it represents a compilation of many thousands of elemental analyses of marine organisms, and the bibliography alone, printed in double columns in close type, occupies 44 pages. The data presented are accompanied by extensive critical discussion and comments. Part 1 embraces Algæ, Bacteria, Protozoa, Porifera and Cœlenterata; Part 2, the remaining Invertebrata and a part of a chapter on the chemical composition of respiratory pigments; and this chapter is carried over to Part 3, which also contains additional notes on the composition of Invertebrata, composition of Pisces, composition of skeletal parts of animals, a general summary and special chapters dealing with the problems of geology and evolution from the biogeochemical point of view.


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