Energy of the Hg—C Bond and The Heat of Atomization of Carbon


    IT has not yet been possible to make a final choice, from spectroscopic and vapour pressure data, between the two alternative values of 124·3 and 170·6 kilocalories/gram atom for the heat of atomization of carbon (ΔH291°K. for the change Cdiamond → Cgas)1, though the most recent treatment favours the higher value2, and this also makes easier the correlation of some kinetic and thermochemical data3.

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    1. 1

      See Skinner, H. A., Trans. Faraday Soc., 41 (1945, in the press). The two values for the & Delta;H291°K for the diamond atomization are derived from the two alternative values for DZ(CO) to 9.10 eV. and 11.11 eV. The fact that the use of the new conversion factors now raises the lower value of DZ(CO) to 9.14 eV. does not affect the treatment given here.

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