Government Support for Research Associations in Britain


    ANNOUNCING in an address to the Conference of Industrial Research Associations on November 6 that grants to such associations would form a permanent part of the activities of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Mr. Herbert Morrison, Lord President of the Council, declared that we need research workers to-day as much as in 1940, and that the Government will do everything possible to encourage British industry to use scientific research. It is essential that some of the money gained to industry by relief from taxation in the new Budget should be invested in research. Large concerns, he hoped, would establish or extend their own research departments, but smaller concerns should give their full support to existing research associations, for no single section of industry can do without this essential scientific partnership and remain virile. Moreover, Government support of industrial research must be backed by readiness to use its results, and firms which cannot maintain fully equipped research staffs of their own should employ at least some trained scientific workers who can co-operate with the appropriate research association and help in the interpretation and application of its work.

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