The Danube Basin and the German Economic Sphere Germany and Europe


DR. BASCH surveys in his book the economic problems of the Danubian States and their international repercussions—a subject of major importance for the period of reconstruction that has now begun, and one that has a vital bearing upon the future place of Germany among the nations. The book was written in 1943 and does not, therefore, take into account the important developments of recent months; but it provides a valuable study of the economy of a great region, extending from Czechoslovakia through Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania and Bulgaria, to Greece, and, though it concentrates on the key period of the 'thirties, it glances back to the situation before 1914 and makes some constructive suggestions for the future.

The Danube Basin and the German Economic Sphere

By Dr. Antonin Basch. (International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction.) Pp. xiv + 272. (London: Kegan Paul and Co., Ltd., 1944.) 18s. net.

Germany and Europe

Political Tendencies from Frederick the Great to Hitler. By Dr. F. Darmstaedter. Pp. vi + 226. (London: Methuen and Co., Ltd., 1945.) 12s. 6d. net.


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