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    ANNUAL REPORT THE thirty-second annual report of the director, Dr. E. R. Weidlein, to the trustees of the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, Pittsburgh, Pa., covers the year ending February 28, 1944, and the third year of war research at the Institute. Research and advisory collaboration with the War and Navy Departments grew in scope and value during 1944–45, as well as investigations and other technical help for the War Production Board, Rubber Reserve Company, National Defence Research Committee and the War Metallurgy Committee of the National Academy of Sciences. During the year in question, ninety-four industrial research programmes were in operation, of which fifty-four were multiple fellowships; this does not include seven fellowships the activities of which stopped for the duration of the War. Of the ninety-four fellowships, three have been proceeding for thirty years and four others for twenty-five years; twenty-two have been proceeding for more than ten years, and twenty-seven have been in operation for five years. During the year 1943–44, the Institute's expenditure for pure and applied research amounted to 2,042,385 dollars; 244 fellows were employed, together with 232 research associates and assistants, laboratory assistants and technicians.

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