Dr. Catherine Alice Raisin

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DR. CATHERINE ALICE RAISIN, a pioneer who blazed many new trails, died at Cheltenham on July 13 at the age of ninety. Her early education was received at the North London Collegiate School, of which she always spoke with gratitude as being one of the earliest schools to start providing more serious education for girls. Miss Raisin continued as a teacher at her old school until 1875, when the opening of certain classes to women students was advertised by University College, London. Among these was a course in geology by Prof. Morris. Miss Raisin attended this class, and so became the first woman to take geology in the University. In the following year she joined Prof. Morris' classes in mineralogy, only to discover after the course was completed that it had not been officially open to women.

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REYNOLDS, D. Dr. Catherine Alice Raisin. Nature 156, 327–328 (1945) doi:10.1038/156327a0

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