Nizamiah Observatory, Hyderabad


    THE director of the Nizamiah Observatory has communicated a paper, "Occultations of Stars and Planets by the Moon observed at the Nizamiah Observatory, Hyderabad, during the Year 1943" (Mon, Not. Roy. Astro. Soc., 104, 4; 1944), which gives the occultation results for 1943 from January 11 until December 31. Twenty-seven occultations of stars and one of Venus were observed by M. K. Bappu, using the 15-in. visual refractor. M. V. V. Sastry, assisted by S. Aravamudan, carried out the reductions. In the case of two stars, proper motions were applied to the co-ordinates given id. the catalogue in computing the mean places for use in the reductions, and positions were taken from the "Nautical Almanac" for the others.

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