Mexico's Vital Statistics


    DR. RICARDO GRANILLO, head of the Mexican Department of Statistics and Demography, states that his Department is a part of the Secretariat of National Economy (Bol. Of. San. Panamericana, 23, 419; 1944). It collects and publishes statistics, takes a national census, makes special studies, represents the country at international congresses, and has jurisdiction over population, public education, social welfare, industrial economy and vital statistics. The principal, functions of the Vital Statistics Office of the Secretariat of Health and Welfare include keeping Federal and State health authorities informed of the general mortality and that from contagious disease and other important causes; reporting on epidemics in areas where there are no practitioners and regular reports of contagious diseases cannot be obtained; the study of the geographical and seasonal distribution of general, infant, endemic and epidemic disease mortality; reporting to the Panamerican Sanitary Bureau and other international offices and neighbouring health authorities on the general health conditions of Mexico; and keeping a record of public health activity throughout the Republic.

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