Science in Post-Primary Education


    AN interim report has recently been compiled by the Association of Women Science Teachers with the view of submitting a scheme for the teaching of science in the post-primary schools of the future (An Interim Report of a Sub-Committee of the Association of Women Science Teachers. Pp. vi + 22. London: John Murray, 1944. 1s. 3d. net). The subcommittee which submitted this report considers the needs of all types of children within the secondary school range, dealing fully with the ideals that should permeate the science teaching and with the need for a change of outlook. Although the present publication outlines full syllabuses for children of eleven to sixteen years only, a subsequent publication, already in preparation, will also contain chapters on sixth form science, part-time education in science, the training of teachers and administrative problems. A useful chapter on laboratories and equipment, the museum, first aid, organization of department and other matters will be appended.

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