Dr. O. F. Bloch


OLAF BLOCH was a man of remarkable energy largely applied to the progress of photographic science and in furthering the application of photography as a tool in many branches of science and technology. He received his earliest scientific training at the Finsbury Technical Institute under Prof. H. E. Armstrong, and having spent some years in the Davy Faraday Laboratory and in chemical manufacture, he joined the staff of Ilford, Ltd., in 1910. Little can be written of his very successful work over many years to produce improved light-sensitive materials, for much of it was made known only to his closest associates and publication in this field is rare; but mention may be made of important work with F. F. Renwick on the optical properties of photographic layers, and early attempts, with Miss F. M. Hamer, to relate the chemical structure of cyanine dyes with their sensitizing properties.

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