National Flour (82½ Per Cent Extraction) and Bread


    Sixth Report from the Scientific Adviser's Division, Ministry of Food On October 1 last the extraction of National flour in Great Britain was reduced to 82½ per cent. This lowering of the extraction followed work which showed that the bulk of the vitamins and minerals in the wheat grain are located in the germ, particularly the scutellum fraction, and in the outer endosperm adjoining the bran. Provided these two fractions are included in the flour, there will be no appreciable difference in the nutritive value of 82½ per cent as compared with 85 per cent extraction flour. At the same time, the fall in the extraction makes it possible to exclude about 1·6 per cent of bran (on the average, 85 per cent flour contains 4 per cent bran) and so give a whiter flour and bread. Details of the milling technique necessary to produce a satisfactory 82½ per cent flour have been circulated to all millers1.


    1. 1

      "High Vitamin Flour" (Ministry of Food., October 1944). cf. also Milling, Nov. 4, 1944).

    2. 2

      Nature, 154, 582 (1944).

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