Mathematics in China


    IN addition to work directly for the war effort and in spite of difficulties of communication, mathematicians in China are able to produce a considerable amount of new work of the highest quality. In particular, we may mention Prof. L. K. Hua, of the Tsing Hua University in Kunming, whose visit to Cambridge during 1936–38 will be remembered. The following information has been received through the British Council Cultural Scientific Office at Chungking. Prof. Hua has just completed a booklet on additive prime number theory which will be published by the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. The first of a series of papers on the theory of auto-morphic functions of a matrix variable has just been published in the American Journal of Mathematics. Related to this is a theory of modular functions connected with linear associative algebras, which is so far unpublished. Another field in which Prof. Hua has been working is that of the geometry of matrices, related to topological algebra. In addition, Prof. Hua has continued his studies in the geometry of numbers and, in extending theories due to Minkowski and Dr. K. Mahler, has discovered a new type of convex body.

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