Earthquake in Japan


    ONE of the most violent earthquakes of recent years was recorded by the seismographs at Kew, West Bromwich, New York and Bombay, and probably throughout the world, on December 7. At West Bromwich it was recorded at 4h. 48m. 38s. G.M.T., and the waves were so violent that the recording mechanism was upset. At Fordham, New York, the Rev. J. J. Lynch believes from a preliminary investigation of his records that two shocks were recorded, at 12.49 and 12.53 a.m. (local time). The Japanese News Agency stated that the Island of Honshu was affected, and that it was believed that the epicentre was in the Sea of Nshu. The Tokaido district was affected and also Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Nagano and Nagoya, the third largest city of Japan. There was some damage to property and a seismic sea-wave affected Shizuoka. It appears unlikely that further details will be obtainable from Japan until the end of the War; but this was undoubtedly a very great earthquake, and when the records are examined closely the epicentre will be found more precisely.

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