Conway Evans Prize: Sir Thomas Lewis, C.B.E., F.R.S


    THE presidents of the Royal Society and Of the Royal College of Physicians have awarded the Conway Evans Prize to Sir Thomas Lewis, in recognition of his great contribution to medical knowledge on the normal and abnormal mechanisms of the heart and circulation of the blood. This prize, in accordance with the will of the late Dr. Conway Evans, who was medical officer for the Strand District, is awarded from time to time for scientific work of outstanding distinction.It was first given to Sir Charles Sherrington in 1927 and since then to the late Dr. John S. Haldane in 1933, and to Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins in 1938. It will be seen that so far the prizes have been awarded infrequently with the intention that they should be given only in recognition of outstanding contributions to science, thus fulfilling the intention of the donor. Sir Thomas Lewis has worked essentially in a field which he has called 'clinical science', and he has clearly indicated how the modern developments of science in general can be applied to the many problems of medicine at the bedside.

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