Function of Controls in Industry


    THE eighth report of the Select Committee on National Expenditure for the session 1943–44 arose out of an inquiry into the chemical controls of the Ministry of Supply, and should remove certain widespread misapprehensions by making plain their functions and responsibilities. Although primarily concerned with the chemical controls, since these are only a part of the organization of the Ministry of Supply for dealing with the chemical industry, the inquiry could not be confined strictly to the activities for which the controllers and their staffs are responsible. In addition to the evidence of the controllers themselves and of the chairman of the Chemical Control Board, evidence was heard from the Ministry of Supply, including the Raw Materials Department and the Director-General of Scientific Research and Development, and the Ministry of Aircraft Production, including the Director-General of Materials Production and the Deputy Director of Research and Development (Technical Investigations). Memoranda were also submitted by trade associations and their firms. The report is accordingly a useful contribution to the present debate on the organization and control of post-war industry.

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