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    THE first annual general meeting of the Scientific Film Association was held on November 25 in London. The chairman, Mr. Arthur Elton, proposing the adoption of the annual report, stressed the need for critical appreciation in the field of scientific films. He pointed out that the world of publishing has an elaborate organization for criticism and documentation of every book directly it is published; without some such machinery, the film will remain an ephemeral thing instead of being part of our national culture. He suggested that this deficiency in the scientific film might be made good by the Scientific Film Association, which is now publishing a catalogue of such films. Mr. Elton said that a North of England Section has been formed of the Association and that considerable interest has been shown in the United States and Canada. The Canadian Government has appointed a representative in Ottawa to cater for interest there in scientific films. Mr. Elton hopes that the Association will play its part in the international exchange of information by films. In the discussion which followed, members stressed the importance of developing the work of the standing committees of the Association dealing with medical, educational and industrial films. The problems of criticism and appraisal of scientific films were discussed and a request was made for specimen programmes for scientific film societies. A short film on Brownian movement made at the Glasgow Technical College, and the new film "Children of the City" and two British Council films from the Central Film Library, "Life Cycle of the Maize" and "Development of the Rabbit", were shown.

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