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    THE customary anniversary meeting of the Royal Society took place on St, Andrew's Day, November 30, and the main part of the address by the president, Sir Henry Dale, is printed on p. 724 of this issue of Nature. In addition, Sir Henry referred to other matters, more of a domestic character. Prof. A. V. Hill's mission to India, to advise on science in general and a new programme of research and its applications, occupied the prominent place justified by the unqualified success which has attended it. A special meeting of the Royal Society was held in India, the first to be held outside Great Britain, and eventually a mission consisting of six of India's scientific leaders came to Britain, as the first stage of a tour extending to Canada and the United States, to see for themselves the scientific activities and organization with which the demands of war are being met and preparations being made for the tasks ahead in a largely devastated world. The members of the Indian mission used the rooms of the Royal Society as headquarters, and shortly before they left they were received by the King and Queen, who thus showed their interest in the promotion of closer understanding and comradeship in science between India, Great Britain and the whole of the British Empire.

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