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    THE United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, in co-operation with Science Service and the Jesuit Seismological Association, has determined the provisional epicentres of five recent earthquakes. The first, on August 7, at 3h. 25·3m. G.M.T., had its epicentre at 16·9° S., 71·5° W., which is in Peru. The second, on August 10, at lh. 52·7m. G.M.T., had its epicentre at 51·4° N., 130·5° W., which is south of Queen Charlotte Islands, off British Columbia. The third, on August 18, at 10h. 33·1m. G.M.T., had its epicentre at 35° N., 137° E., which is in Japan. The depth of focus of this shock was probably near 200 km. The fourth shock occurred on August 24 at 23h. 37·8m. G.M.T., and had its epicentre at 15° N., 93° W., which is in Guatemala. The depth of focus of this shock was slightly less than 100 km. The fifth earthquake occurred on September 5 at 4h. 38·8m. G.M.T. It had its epicentre at 45° 01′ N., 74° 44′ W.

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