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    A CATALOGUE of interest and value to all research workers and teachers in botany who wish to consult out-of-the-way journals as well as those more easily obtained has just appeared in the "List of Periodicals" issued by the Library of the Botany Department at Oxford. The purpose of the Library is, of course, to serve in the first place the needs of the Department, and this list was naturally prepared to that end; it is, however, now available for limited circulation. It is obvious that the privilege of borrowing books for use outside Oxford can only be granted in exceptional cases and through recognized channels; but the list will undoubtedly be of assistance to those in need of periodicals otherwise obtainable only with great difficulty and to whom these channels are available. The list is clearly annotated, the information being obtained chiefly from the periodicals themselves, and a useful feature is that all journals with current numbers in the Library are printed in bold type.

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