Domestic Electrical Accessories


    THE design and installation of electrical accessories for domestic purposes was dealt with in a paper read by F. C. Fuke in London recently before the Institution of Electrical Engineers. The paper states the requirements which the design of electrical accessories must fulfil and how such requirements can be met. Contacts and switching are dealt with at some length, because of their effect upon the performance and life of most accessories. The fundamentals of fuse design are given, as well as the reason for possible indiscriminate operation between fuses of different types. The need to break away from some time-honoured practices is shown, with particular reference to plugs and tumbler switches, and solutions based on theoretical and practical considerations are presented. The author considers that British Standard Specifications should be confined to setting standards of performance, with interchangeability only where required, and that constructional details and dimensions should be omitted so as to give maximum freedom for development and, therefore, progress in design.

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