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    THE Spectrographic Discussion Group was formed in 1941 as a result of approaches made to the various users of spectrographic equipment in the Glasgow area. It was considered that, in view of the extent to which industrial concerns and Government departments were applying spectrographic methods of analysis and the very rapid developments which were taking place in this branch of science, it would be of value if those directly interested in spectrography were able to meet at intervals and discuss the various problems which arose in the course of their work. Further, it was considered advisable that representatives of the principal technical institutions and of manufacturers of spectrographic equipment should have the opportunity to attend these discussions. The fundamental policy of the Group required the free interchange of ideas and co-operation in tackling any problems which arose as a result of discussion. Although originally confined to members in the Glasgow area, the success of the Group was such that, in a relatively short time, members representing concerns in Aberdeen, Sheffield, London and other parts of the country were admitted. Meetings of the Group are held in the Royal Technical College, Glasgow, at intervals of approximately six weeks. The chairman is Mr. S. D. Steele, of Babcock and Wilcox, Ltd., Renfrew, Scotland. It has always been considered of first importance that the nature of these discussions be informal, and that in no sense should the Group acquire the character of a society. In this respect it has been found necessary to limit membership to those directly interested in spectrography and also to control membership by invitation. The success of the Group and the progress made have been so marked that it is felt that groups of a similar nature established throughout Britain would be most beneficial.

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