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Flint Knapping

Nature volume 154, pages 618619 (11 November 1944) | Download Citation



TO fashion a flint implement both knowledge of the tricks of the trade and skill in execution are required. Watching the flint knappers at Brandon can teach the student many a 'wrinkle', but any attempt to do likewise soon demonstrates the overriding importance of long and patient practice. The Pitt Rivers Museum authorities at Oxford have recently issued their first Occasional Paper on Technology, and it is entitled "The Manufacture of a Flint Arrowhead by Quartzite Hammer-stone"*. The author is Sir Francis Knowles and the work is plentifully illustrated. One can only regret that the writer had not the chance to collaborate in a more extensive work with M. Contier who, though he has, so far as I know, published nothing, is perhaps the most skilful maker of flint tools in existence.

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