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An International Association of University Teachers


THE sixth general meeting of the Association of Allied University Professors was held in London on September 25. The meeting was called specially to consider the statutes for a proposed International Association of University Professors and Lecturers. These were, after some amendment, adopted as provisional statutes, so that what has hitherto been a domestic association, bringing together those university professors and lecturers of the Allied countries who, in recent circumstances, have reached Great Britain, now takes on a wider international function under a new name. It is hoped that in each country where there is academic freedom a national group of members may come into existence. In order to establish contacts and bring into being such groups, a Provisional Central Council has been formed, mainly of university teachers of various nationalities who are domiciled in Great Britain, the duty of each member of which is to arouse interest in the Association in the universities of his own country. As soon as circumstances permit, representatives from these countries will replace the original provisional member and the Central Council will become a representative body, and will confirm or amend the statutes. The Provisional Central Council at present comprises members representing some twenty different countries, and it will be enlarged as further contacts are made. One result of the change in structure of the Association will be that in Great Britain, where membership has hitherto been restricted in order to preserve some balance between British members and those from other countries, membership will now be widely open in university circles. After the more formal business of the meeting was completed, Dr. Grayson N. Kefauver, of the American Educational Delegation, gave an address on "The Role of the University in Social Reconstruction".

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An International Association of University Teachers. Nature 154, 541 (1944).

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