Production and Release of Nicotinamide by the Intestinal Flora in Man


AN investigation into the daily elimination of nicotinamide methochloride in healthy human beings1 revealed a considerable discrepancy between this elimination and the daily intake of nicotinamide on current diets, as calculated from assays by Williams2 in the United States and Kodicek3 in Great Britain. Najjar and Holt4 have shown that aneurin can be produced by the intestinal flora, which is thus capable of influencing the aneurin household of the body in a decisive manner. These findings suggested a similar mechanism for the production of that part of the nicotinamide which cannot be accounted for from the daily food intake.

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ELLINGER, P., COULSON, R. & BENESCH, R. Production and Release of Nicotinamide by the Intestinal Flora in Man. Nature 154, 270–271 (1944) doi:10.1038/154270a0

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