Manchester Joint Research Council


    THE vice-chancellor of the University of Manchester and the president of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce have announced the personnel of the Manchester Joint Research Council which is being set up jointly by the Chamber and the University. Representing the University are: Prof. P. M. S. Blackett, Dr. C. T. J. Cronshaw, Prof. D. R. Hartree, Prof. J. R. Hicks, Prof. Willis Jackson, Prof. J. Jewkes, Sir William Clare Lees, Dr. J. E. Myers, Prof. W. E. Morton, Prof. M. Polanyi, Sir Ernest Simon, Sir John Stopford (vice-chancellor), Sir Raymond Streat and Prof. F. C. Thompson. The Manchester Chamber of Commerce will be represented by Mr. J. Harold Brown, Mr. E. A. Carpenter, Mr. J. Curwen, Mr. R. H. Dobson, Mr. John S. Dodd, Dr. A. P. M. Fleming, Mr. H. M. Harwood, Mr. A. H. S. Hinchliffe (president), Mr. Frank Longworth, Mr. L. E. Mather, Mr. N. G. McCulloch, Earl Peel, Mr. C. G. Renold, Mr. A. V. Sugden and Mr. John F. West. The first meeting of the Council will be held at the University on October 9.

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