Swedish Anthropological and Geographical Society: Award to Prof., L. von Post


    THE highest distinction of the Swedish Anthropological and Geographical Society, the Vega Medal, has just been awarded to Prof. Lennart von Post, of Stockholm, for his outstanding contributions to the development and application of the methods of pollen analysis. It is Prof, von Post above all others who, by his clear vision and indomitable energy, both perfected and popularized the systematic analysis of the sub fossil pollen content of lake- and peat-deposits. Speaking at the meeting when the award Was made, Prof, von Post emphasized the manner in which pollen analysis studies from all parts of the world-Tierra del Fuego, New Zealand, North America, North China, as well as Europe-showed a similar post-glacial climatic drift, first of increasing temperatures, then through a period of severe heat and drought, and finally a recession to the climate of to-day. He visualized a forthcoming phase of international co-operation in pollen analysis work in systematically selected areas all over the world, by means of which we should resolve the general pattern of the cyclic climatic history of the world in the period since the last ice age. May Prof, von Post's vision be again rewarded by scientific advances comparable with those he has already accomplished.

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    Swedish Anthropological and Geographical Society: Award to Prof., L. von Post. Nature 154, 205 (1944) doi:10.1038/154205a0

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