University Developments in Great Britain


    THE Conference on University Developments, arranged by the Association of University Teachers on June 2, at which representatives of twenty universities and colleges were present, considered three of the main topics of the Report on University Developments adopted by the Council of the Association in December and published in the Universities' Review of May. First, Prof. Ray Pascal opened a discussion on university entrance requirements, maintenance grants, curricula and appointments boards. Emphasizing that the consideration of such matters pertaining to the teaching functions of universities could not be conducted without reference to other functions such as research, Prof. Pascal directed attention to two main objects behind the proposals of the Report: the development of people who will make a useful contribution to society in whatever profession they may choose; and the development of individual personality of people able to "distinguish, choose and judge". Too often we have aimed alternately at one or the other. The Council of the Association does not believe that this is either good or necessary. We need not only really efficient experts but also efficiency in the widest sense applied to society as a whole, calling for broad knowledge and understanding, for initiative, adaptability and personality. The proposals to replace the scholarship system by one of maintenance grants, to change the character of the entrance requirements and to adapt the curriculum are all intimately related, and Prof. Pascal noted that related views have been expressed in the report of the Education Committee of the Federation of British Industries.

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