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THE extent to which the universities of Great Britain are addressing themselves to the war effort is well indicated in an admirable series of articles which has appreared in Britain To-day, and also by a survey of the “University of London in War-Time, September 1939-March 1942”, recently circulated in the Convocation of the University. Their part in reconstruction is no less vital. Both aspects of university war-time activity are reflected in two articles, which have appeared in a recent issue of Science (95, 369-72, 372-73 ; 1942), by Dr. Arthur Cutts Willard and Prof. A. M. Carlson respectively. Dr. Willard's address, “The University and the War”, given at the Washington award dinner of the Western Society of Engineers, describes the ways in which the courses of the University of Illinois have been modified to meet professional demands for various services and its contribution to the war programme of the United States through the research activities of its scientific staff. The mere list of activities cited by Dr. Willard indicates that the University of Illinois is addressing itself to the immediate practical tasks of education, training and research, with vision and understanding. The contribution to morale of the Extension of Service in Agriculture and Home Economics, the trained specialists of which present to the people the results of scientific research carried out by the Agricultural Experiment Station, often in co-operation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is noteworthy, and the Engineering Science and Management Defense Training Programme is most impressive. Adult education, education in the armed forces and the encouragement of reading on the understanding of America, its aims, the War and the peace to follow are all represented.

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