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30-kw. Short-Wave Radio Transmitter

Nature volume 150, pages 5253 (11 July 1942) | Download Citation



AN article by F. D. Webster and R. E. Downing (Elec. Comm., 20, No. 3, 1942) describes a new equipment built for All America Cables and Radio Inc. for use in the expansion of its international service at Lima, Peru. The equipment is capable of operating on any frequency between 5.7 mc. and 22 mc., with crystal control or with self-excitation, for carrier wave or modulated carrier wave telegraphy or by means of a separate modulator for telephone or broadcast, to deliver 1 kw. or 30 kw. of radio frequency power on telegraphy or 9 kw. on telephony or broadcast, and of delivering its rated output at any frequency between 5.7 mc. and 22 mc. into a balanced transmission' line of 600 ohms surge impedance with any standing wave ratio up to 2 to 1.

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