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I THINK I am speaking the truth when I say that those who were responsible for the birth of flight thought of it as a new force in the world for peace, for prosperity and for true internationalism. Here was to come something which would make the world a happier place by a quick form of transport, that would bring us all closer together. It was for that idea that I saw my friends pour out their meagre fortunes in experiment, and risk their splendid lives in brave endeavour. I contend that the crushed, shapeless or charred embers of so many victims were well sacrificed, if they were to bring about such ideals. But mechanical science outstrips human wisdom, until we find we have created a juggernaut that may indeed destroy us. I want it clearly realized that if to-day flight bears the brand of Cain, it is not on the pioneers that the blame should be laid, but on foolish politicians of many countries.

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