Awards of the Medical Research Council of Ireland


    THE Medical Research Council of Ireland has made the following awards during the half–year ended June 30, 1941: Training grants: Miss D. A. Kilbride for one year from August 1, 1941, to carry out an investigation of iodine absorption by means of balance experiments; and Miss E. O'Donovan for one year from June 1, 1941, to assist in the investigation of the goitre problem by studying the retention of iodine under varying conditions of diet, the work in both instances to be done in the Department of Chemistry, University College, Cork, under the direction of Prof. J. Reilly and Dr. E. M. Mason; Whole–time grant: Dr. Cecil Mushatt for four months from March 1, 1941, to enable him to continue his research work at the Johns Hopkins Hospital; Grants–in–aid: Dr. James Deeny for six months from July 1, 1941, to investigate the relationship of vitamin C to the formation of complement and the relationship of both to immunity; Dr. D.K. Malley, to investigate the effects of the cortical hormone on a case of pre–adolescent type of adrenocortical syndrome; and Dr. J. G. Waugh, towards the expenses of his research work on sulphonamide therapy in the School of Physic, Trinity College, Dublin. The following grants have been renewed for one year: Dr. T. E. T. Bradshaw (from March 1, 1941) and Prof. Hans Sachs (from May 1, 1941). Prof. J. B. Gatenby and Dr. R. G. Cross have relinquished their grants.

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