Dr. E. L. Ince


DR. EDWARD LINDSAY INCE, head of the Department of Technical Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh, died on March 16 at the comparatively early age of forty–nine. Dr. Ince, who was one of the first research students of Prof. E. T. Whittaker when the latter established a school of mathematical research in Edinburgh almost thirty years ago, had a varied life of mathematical activity. From Edinburgh he proceeded to Trinity College, Cambridge, becoming a Smith's Prizeman during the War of 1914–18. In 1918 he was a temporary lecturer at the University of Leeds; in 1919 he studied at Paris; from 1920 until 1926 he was a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Liverpool. In 1926 he was appointed to the professorship of mathematics in the then newly founded Egyptian University in Cairo, but in 1931 he returned to Britain for the sake of the health and education of his family. For a brief period he was lecturer in the University of Edinburgh, then at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, and finally, from 1935 until his death, lecturer in technical mathematics at Edinburgh.

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