ON July 22 the Viceroy of India made an announcement that came as a great relief to many in Great Britain who had been chafing under our apparent inability to do anything to relieve the political deadlock in India. It was a notable announcement; yet its wording was studiously matter–of–fact. It merely stated that as a result of the increased pressure of work in connexion with the War it had been decided to enlarge the Executive Council of the Governor–General of India, and to establish a National Defence Council in order to associate Indian non–official opinion so far as possible with the prosecution of the war; and then followed the names of seven Indians who were to join the former and of twenty Indians who (with two non–Indians) were to represent British India on the latter.

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BRAY, D. CHANGES IN THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA. Nature 148, 301–302 (1941) doi:10.1038/148301a0

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