IN a paper published in the Electrician of August 1, by J. Meek, the resident electrical engineer to the Madras Presidency, interesting projects are suggested about new developments in the Madras Presidency. This Presidency covers an area in South India of 142,000 square miles and supports a population of about 48 millions. An idea of the size may be obtained by comparison with that of England, which has an area of about 50,000 square miles and a population of about 38 millions. The people in the Presidency are mainly engaged in agriculture, and most of them live in villages. The capital, Madras City, has a population now approaching 800,000, but the next biggest town, Madura, has a population of less than 250,000. Four main languages are spoken—Tamil, Telugu, Canarese and Malayalani—and efforts are now being made by the Congress Government to introduce Hindi with the ultimate object of providing India with a common language. Among the educated classes English is widely spoken.

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