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    THE Newcomen Society, which this year attains its majority, has recently issued its syllabus of meetings in Great Britain for the session 1941–42. The presidential address of Col. C. E. Davies will be read on November 12 after the annual general meeting. Thirteen papers are included in the syllabus. Among the subjects to be dealt with are automobiles, Suffolk windmills, spring balances, wood screws, and natural draught furnaces. Dr. Thurston is giving a paper on “The Evolution of Rider Planes for Aircraft”, Dr. Herbert Chatley one on the “Development of Mechanism in China”, and Dr. Dickinson is giving papers on Robert Stuart Meikleham and Joseph Bramah. Other papers relate to early engineering and iron–founding in Cornwall, the French civil engineers of the eighteenth century, and the famous firm of shipbuilders, Messrs. Normand of Havre. In the Newcomen Quarterly Bulletin, probably the last to be issued for the time being, are some interesting quotations from letters received from rilembers in the United States.

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