Archæological Investigations in Jerusalem


    EXCAVATION of the remains of certain of the ancient walls of Jerusalem carried out by Mr. C. N. Johns on behalf of the Department of Antiquities has produced results of considerable archaeological interest and historical importance. These results include the establishment of a chronological sequence in the remains of these ancient walls, which carries back to pre-Herodian times-certainly to the Maccabees and possibly even to the days of Nehemiah, although the evidence for the latter is archaaologically undated. A further result is the confirmation of a tentative identification, made in the seventies of the last century, of the so-called Tower of David with Phasael, the third of the three towers described by Josephus as erected by Herod the Great. The systematic exploration of the site was made possible by the demolition of the Turkish barracks under the British occupation, and was undertaken by the Department of Antiquities in 1934 through the direct personal interest of Sir Arthur Wauchope, then High Commissioner.

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