ELECTRIC discharge in gases is the subject of the Jnew volume which Prof. Laporte has added to the useful series of monographs published by Armand Colin. It is remarkable how much information is contained in each of these small and inexpensive books; both the editor of the Physics Section, M. Ch. Fabry, and the author are to be congratulated on this addition to the collection. The first six chapters deal with the ionization of a gas in its various aspects, then come five chapters on various forms of discharge, and the last two are concerned with gas discharge tubes as sources of light, including white light. Honours students of physics would do well to study this book.

    Décharge électrique dans les gaz

    Par Prof. Marcel Laporte. (Collection Armand Colin, Section de physique, No. 216). Pp. 222. (Paris: Armand Colin, 1939.) 15 francs.

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