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    (1) AMONGST the various handbooks published each year mention may be made of the “Annuaire”, published by the French Bureau of Longitudes, and “The Observer's Handbook” of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. The former has a long history, being first published in 1795, when it contained about eighty pages. The present comprehensive volume contains 550 pages besides an appendix. Its contents are grouped under the following headings: (1) Calendar for 1940 including astronomical data, tide predictions, etc.; (2) Earth-geodesy, meteorology, terrestrial magnetism, time determination; (3) Astronomy-star charts, minor planets, comets, stellar spectra, etc.; (4) Units of measurement; (5) Physical and chemical data. Two special articles are appended: “L'Espace Interstellaire”, by M. Chas. Fabry (being the George Darwin Lecture of the Royal Astronomical Society for 1938), and “Le Bureau Internationale de l'Heure”, by M. A. Lambert.

    (1) Annuaire pour l'an 1940

    Publié par le Bureau des Longitudes. Avec des Notices scientifiques. Pp. viii + 550 + A16 + B26 + C54. (Paris: Gauthier-Villars, 1940.) 25 francs.

    (2) The Observer's Handbook for 1940

    (Thirty-second Year of Publication.) Pp. 80. (Toronto: Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 1939.)

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