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    MADRAS MEETING THE DECCAN TRAPS: AN EPISODE OF THE TERTIARY ERA AT the dawn of the Tertiary era, vast outpourings of basaltic lavas covered immense regions in the north-western United States, in the old Thulean province which extended from Greenland to Scotland and Ireland, and in the Deccan. In estimating the exact geological age of these lavas, much depends on the interpretation of the fossils (chiefly plants) from interbedded sedimentary deposits. Recent work on the interbasaltic flora of the Hebrides was summarized by Sir Albert Seward in his presidential address to the British Association at Dundee in 1939, and now Prof. B. Sahni, presiding at the twenty-seventh Indian Science Congress held in Madras during January 2–8, has discussed the Inter-Trappean flora of the Deccan.

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