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    A. VAN LEEXJWENHOEK is known to every biologist as the name of a most eminent Dutch man of science, but we doubt whether many know that it is also the name of a worthy journal of Dutch microbiology, in spite of the fact that five volumes of it have already been published. This is in large measure due to its having appeared in the Dutch language, which has prevented its being read by more than a few English workers. We are glad to welcome its appearance in a new form. The editors and the Board of the Netherlands Society of Microbiology who are responsible for it have appreciated this difficulty, and from volume 6, No. 1, January 1940, it appears under the title Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, Journal of Microbiology and Serology with English, French and German as the official languages. Thus the present number contains seven papers, five in English, one in French and one in German. Its pages are thrown open to workers of any nationality, and tlcie editors hope that, in spite of the present inauspicious conditions, it will serve a wider public.

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