IN a recent paper (Asiatic Res.,35, 777; 1939), M. Ciuca states that in its search for an anti-malarial preparation cheaper than quinine but equally efficacious, the Malaria Commission of the League of Nations instituted research into the efficacy, compared with that of quinine, of a certain number of secondary alkaloid mixtures, such as kinetum, chineto, cinchona febrifuge, etc., used in the treatment of malaria in various countries. Research carried out in more than 4,000 patients in malarious countries proved that the efficacy of preparations containing 60-80 per cent crystallizable alkaloids including 15 per cent quinine was equal to that of quinine alone. The Commission has given the name of ‘Totaquina’ to a new preparation which is a mixture of cinchona bark alkaloids containing at least 75 per cent crystallizable alkaloids and not less than 15 per cent quinine. The advantage of the new” preparation is a distinctly lower price, which is mainly due to the method of extraction, while its efficacy is equal to or only slightly less than that of quinine.

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