Activities of Analytical Chemists


    IN his presidential address to the Society of Public Analysts and other Analytical Chemists delivered on March 6, Prof. W. H. Roberts pointed out that there has been much less need in this War than in the last for the formation of ad hoccommittees of chemists to deal with problems with which the Government departments found themselves faced, for much had been foreseen and provided for; and some of the departments had from the outset adopted the course of appointing to their staffs eminent outside chemists, who not only brought to the departments their own expert knowledge but also rendered the departments more accessible to suggestions and representations from outside chemical bodies. The compilation of the National Service Register by the Ministry of Labour, in which the Society had co-operated, had provided the Government with a source of specialized personnel. The conditions of appointment of gas identification officers needs reconsideration, especially in view of the duties now placed upon them in respect of preliminary food tests for gas-contamination. Referring to the Food and Drugs Act of 1938, Prof. Roberts said that the rationing of meat would probably lead to increased consumption of certain other foods, such as sausages and cheese, and regulations governing the content of meat in sausages and of water in cheese (particularly processed cheese) would therefore become very necessary.

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