The Story of the Lamp (and the Candle)


IT is surprising that such a commonplace subject as that of lighting appliances should be so poorly documented. There are plenty of references for those who have the time to find them, and there is always Hough's scholarly catalogue published some years ago as Smithsonian Bulletin No. 141. For the mechanical era, which title applies only to the last hundred years or so, there is a comprehensive account of earlier devices entitled “Chemical Technology”, volumes 2 and 3, by Groves and Thorpe and published in 1895 by J. and A. Churchill, while for the present century information is not difficult to obtain.

The Story of the Lamp (and the Candle)

By F. W. Robins. Pp. xiv + 156 + 28 plates. (London, New York and Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1939.) 15s. net.

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