Cannabidiol and Cannabol, Constituents of Cannabis indica Resin


IN a previous publication, Work, Bergel and Todd1described a method for the separation of cannabinol from Cannabis indica resin (hashish) of Indian origin as its crystalline p-nitrobenzoate. In the course of further work on hashish we have been able, through the co-operation of the Home Office (Drugs Branch), to examine a fresh specimen of the Egyptian drug. Application of the p-nitrobenzoylation process to the distilled resin from this material yielded a less soluble fraction consisting of cannabinol p-nitro-benzoate (in smaller amount than from the Indian drug) mixed with a second ester of much lower melting point. The latter was very difficult to separate and purify; the free phenol obtained from it by hydrolysis was a yellowish resin which, in contradistinction to cannabinol, gave a positive Beam test (purple colour with alcoholic potassium hydroxide).


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JACOB, A., TODD, A. Cannabidiol and Cannabol, Constituents of Cannabis indica Resin. Nature 145, 350 (1940).

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