THE Minister of Health has recently issued a "Memorandum on the Louse and How to Deal With It"(Memo. 230/Med., 1940). Its publication comes at an opportune moment, when experience of evacuation has brought the louse problem into prominence. In the event of serious air raids large bodies of people may have to be removed to other districts. This, in itself, is liable to cause the spread of lice to localities, or among people, previously free from infestation. Ample powers are available under the Education and Public Health acts for the application of suitable control measures, and it is to be hoped that public medical officers and other officials will do all possible to reduce what has long been a standing menace to proper living conditions. Copies of the memorandum may be purchased directly from H.M. Stationery Office, or through a bookseller, price 2d. net.

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    Lice. Nature 145, 345 (1940).

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