"Victorian Socialism"


IN a very interesting essay entitled "Victorian Socialism" which Dean Inge contributed to NATURE of January 13 as if it were a review of my "New World Order", he makes certain statements for which I think it is reasonable to demand documentation. He says that the Nationalists (that is, the Franco rebels) took arms "against those devils in human shape, the Spanish Reds", etc. But is it not a matter of fact and common knowledge that Franco led his Moors against a Liberal Republican Government which had recently suppressed a very dangerous anarchist-socialist rising? (see Sender's "Seven Red Sundays", translated by Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell, F.R.S.). Further, he gives an explicit account of abominable atrocities committed at Ronda. But surely in NATURE we want something more than an unnamed "American eye-witness" for statements of that sort. Who was he? How can we check his testimony? Is he available for cross-examination? Then about that three hundred thousand men and women "butchered under orders from Moscow". Is there a single respectable scrap of evidence for any part of that statement. Which we may find quoted presently as a statement made in NATURE.

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