Royal College of Physicians: Lectures


    THE following lectures have been arranged by the Royal College of Physicians to be delivered at the College, Pall Mall East, London, at 2.30 p.m.: Mitchell Lecture (postponed from 1939), Dr. F. G. Chandler, "Some Observations on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis" (February 7); Milroy Lectures, Dr. R. E: Smith, "Acute Infectious Diseases at School" (February 13 and 15); Goulstonian Lectures, Dr. W. D. W. Brooks, "The Pathology and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis" (February 22, 27 and 29); Bradshaw Lecture (postponed from 1939), Dr. J. C. Spence, "On the Nature of Disease in Infancy" (March 7); Oliver-Sharpey Lectures, Prof. E. P. Cathcart, "The Mystery of Alimentation" (March 12 and 14); Croonian Lectures, Dr. George Graham, "Recent Advances in Diabetes Mellitus: Aetiology and Treatment" (May 16 and 21).

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