Recent Earthquakes


    AFTERSHOCKS of the earthquake of December 26 in Turkey continue to be felt in widely separated areas. The epicentres are by no means confined to the Erzinjan-Erbaa area, thus lending support to the original estimate from Istanbul of a depth of focus of the original earthquake of the order of sixteen miles. On January 17 eight rather violent tremors were felt in the original area and other violent tremors were experienced at Istanbul, Smyrna, Castamouni, and Izmid. A Times report states that at the last-named place an entire hill slid downwards, blocking the road to Kandira. No further casualties are reported from these areas. On January 16 an earthquake occurred at the village of Balcikoy near Nigde, causing two hundred houses to collapse, killing five people and injuring sixteen. The death roll was small because a light foreshock preceded the principal shock, caiising people to run out of doors. On January 17 at night, two more violent earthquakes were felt at Nigde, which is in southern Anatolia. These caused four hundred houses to collapse, killing fifty people and injuring a hundred and sixty others. A. Heé of the central seismological bureau, now at Clermont-Ferrand (France), has taken the readings of fifteen observatories and determined the epicentre of the original shock to have been near latitude 39·5° N., longitude 38·2° E.; initial time 26d. 23h. 57m. 23s. G.M.T.

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