Prize Awards of the Paris Academy of Sciences


    THE annual public meeting of the Paris Academy of Sciences was held in December, and the customary long list of prize and medal awards for 1939 has been published. Lack of space precludes publication of the complete list of awards, most of which naturally go to French workers, but the names of the following investigators outside France who received prizes may be put on record: Prof. Nicolas Coculesco, honorary director of the Observatory and honorary professor of the Faculty of Science of the University of Bucharest, the G. de Pontécoulant Prize for his studies of celestial mechanics, especially on the development of the perturbing function; Prof. Lucien Dautrebande, of the University of Liège, a Montyon (Unhealthy Trades) Prize of 2,500 francs for his researches during the past twenty years on the toxicology of the vapours of different solvents used in industry; Prof. Pierre Coulouma, of Lille, and director of the Institute of Anatomy of Fribourg, and Léon Devos, of the Faculty of Medicine of Lille, a Montyon Prize of 2,500 francs for their work entitled "Les zones pulmonaires. Anatomie et radiologie chez l'Homme. La lobation et la zonation des poumons. Études d'anatomie comparée chez l'Homme et les Mammifères".

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